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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Modules

LASTRADA can be deployed as a complete Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) at the construction materials lab. The following modules give an overview of the laboratory management and financial management modules, tailored to the requirements of concrete producers, construction companies and independent test houses.

Laboratory and Workflow Management Modules

Basis Module

  • Contract management, distribution list 
  • Project / construction site administration
  • Company administration (clients, suppliers, partners, public institutions, etc.)
  • Master data management
  • Detailed user-rights 
  • Report generator, LASTRADA template editor, standard templates
  • Template toolbox to create smart and customer-specific templates

Sample Management Module

Digital incoming samples ledger 

  • Sample tracking, administration and documentation 
  • Fast, easy and autonomous registration of incoming samples (independent from tests and modules)
  • Print sample data sheets and worksheets for any test or material type
  • Print QR/barcode labels for easier identification (via scanner)
  • Various features for sample splitting, assign to contracts, clearance, supervision and retaining
  • Assign samples to specific tests
  • Sample administration: sample status, location tracking, responsibility, clearance, client, department, reminder

Workflow Management Module

Integrated console for controlling laboratory workflows via Testing Programs

  • One seamless user interface provides step-by-step guidance from sample receiving to report sending and invoicing
  • Up to 5 roles for clearing stages and signatures
  • Direct access to test data registration 
  • Comprehensive overview of testing programs (sample receiving, clearance, testing, signature, invoicing and outbox) at the push of a button 
  • Automatic notification via Windows task bar (when defined conditions are met) with direct access to the corresponding Testing Program
  • Fast and direct document generation (e.g. for contract confirmations, sample data sheets, lab work sheets, reports and invoices)
  • Integrated outbox (document distribution lists and outgoing document tracking)
  • Option: Integration with sample management, invoice management, email and document management

Resource Scheduling Module

  • Scheduling personnel in customisable departments 
  • Scheduling via customised categories (e.g. vehicles, drilling gear, test equipment,..) 
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules
  • Linked to contracts and confirmation note 

Financial Management Modules

Financial Management Module

  • Service catalogue administration 
  • Price lists (master prices, per customer, contract or sub-contract, ..)
  • Activity-based invoicing (per sample, contract or sub-contract)
  • Automatic / semi-automatic invoicing of completed services
  • Support of partial and final invoicing / partial and final payments
  • Open positions management 
  • Customisable statistics for invoices and performed/invoiced/paid services 
  • Contract evaluation / controlling / financial reporting 

Offer Tracking Module

  • Integrated offer preparation
  • Offer-based invoice preparation

Costing and Time Keeping Module

Laboratory costing

  • Working time calendars / working time analysis and overtime administration
  • Detailed timekeeping (optionally linked to specific services)
  • Registration of on-site services on hourly or daily basis
  • Target/actual comparison, controlling of internal costs

Interface to the Financial Accounting

Export of LASTRADA-generated invoices to financial accounting systems (e.g. SAP, DATEV, Sage)

Interface to the Personnel Accounting

Export of timekeeping data to personnel accounting systems (e.g. SAP, Lexware, DATEV)

LIMS Integrated Laboratory Financial Workflow

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