LASTRADA - Software zur Baustoffprüfung - Jung & Partner Software & Consulting AG, Berlin | Qualitätsmangement von Baustoffen

Universal Software Modules

Universal Test Module

Free definition of tests:

  • - Free naming and grouping of tests 
    - Different types to define fields for entry, calculation and results
    - Select data type (date, time, yes/no, floating point, text)
    - Any number of digits and any unit
    - Formula editor (complexity is comparable to Excel) 
    - Any number of partial measurements
    - Warnings 
    - Upload of the following document types: .xls, xlsx, .csv, .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, .jpg,  .bmp, .png, .gif, .zip. 
    Possible link to workflow, document management and geotechnical project modules.

Document Management Module

Supports filing of contract-related documents of all types.

  • Automatic directory management and file naming
  • Secured access to remote directories
  • Locking/opening of files through a custom user interface
  • Automatic transfer of contract data into Excel templates
  • Registration and tracking of test reports

Language Module

  • Functions to translate and use the LASTRADA-user interface in different languages
  • Automatic, user-dependent language selection for menus and dialogs

Archiving Module

  • Freely definable archives, integrated into LASTRADA to optimise data storage
  • Effortless de-archiving at any time

Digital Signature Module

  • 2/3/4-stage signatures linked to user rights and clearance status of testing contracts
  • Administration of signatures for signing invoices and test reports
  • Browsing for tests according to their clearance status
  • Free layout and placement of signatures on any LASTRADA-generated document

Word Interface Module

  • Convenient MS Word interface for bulk letters containing customer information, and for correspondence with header data of contracts and offers (including corresponding address fields or order details)

Interface to Digital Laboratory Balances

  • Supported balances: Sartorius, Mettler, Kern via RS 232; other brands by arrangement

Barcode Scanner Interface Module

  • Efficient selection of samples via barcode scanner

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